40 Things We Loved About HOW Design Live 2018

40 Things We Loved About HOW Design Live 2018

As we gear up to start the countdown to HOW Design Live 2019 in Chicago, which is just a little over 2 months away, we reflect on what an amazing week it was at HOW Design Live last year in Boston.

If you were able to make it there, you know exactly what we mean. Amazing keynotes and breakout sessions, surprises galore, networking and parties and swag—what an adventure!

For those of you who weren’t there, and for those of you who were and just want to soak in some of the good stuff all over again, enjoy this roundup of the best quotes, takeaways and memories from HOW Design Live 2018, both from the HOW editorial team’s point of view and that of attendees who documented their experience on social.

Oh, and! Be sure to register now for HOW Design Live 2019—May 7–10, 2019 in Chicago!



Adam J. Kurtz talking about the importance of personal work (for both fun and profit).

Amy Schwartz, who specializes in branding and digital experiences as creative director at Bright Bright Great and previously was the design director at Cards Against Humanity and Blackbox, spoke at HOW Design Live about how we can become the mentors we wish we had.

Congratulations to all the winners who won the HOW and PRINT booth drawing for a free HOW Design University certificate program!

Lots of relaxation and recharging (and fun!) happened at the HOW and PRINT booth!

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