Accidentally created something cool : graphic_design

Accidentally created something cool : graphic_design

So, a little thing I did by accident. Thought It would be good to share.

You can see the magic unfold here:

I had this document where I was asked to take the pen writing out. Since there were some vertical lines, I started by copying and paste one of those on a new level. Then I left it there, cause I went to the bathroom or something like that.
When I came back, I decided to take the bigger writing out first, forgetting that that level I created earlier was still active.

So, when I use Content-Aware Fill on the big chunk of writing, my Photoshop tries to work it out with the few pixels of that tiny level. And I am greeted with a dare-I-say awesome texture that I created involuntarily and absolutely out of nowhere.

It is probably easier shown than said (sorry about the quality of the video btw, my screen capture isn’t the best), but nonetheless, it was pretty amazing in a boring August workday.

You guys ever did something cool by accident in Graphics?

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