Acid Style Sticker Design : graphic_design

Acid Style Sticker Design : graphic_design

I wanted to take a shot at “Acid Graphics” after seeing it in various band merch. The style has an interesting history if anyone is interested.

This design will be used for promotional stickers for a glassblower. After referencing his work and discussing his music preferences, I thought to use graphics that may be found in rave flyers. The imagery used was from a Naruto manga. I chose the image as the pipe element was relevant to the client’s industry and would also be suitable for single color printing.

The bottom component is a section of an optical halftone I created in PS using a medley of bitmap conversions to make it more gritty. The font selected is titled Acid Step from the NY designer Acidwurx.

The Japanese text translates to “drugs are bad” added as an Easter egg of sorts and an object to balance negative space.

After adding both white and black dust/noise I then added a light halftone, masking the areas over the imagery. Gaussian blur and threshold to create a ink bleed over the text. Overlaid a crumbled paper texture and displaced the final image to create the wrinkle effect.

The top left logo I believe may be slightly illegible but chose to commit to it as most typography in this style are more abstract. In retrospect the @ symbol in the Instagram handle should have been addressed after adding the ink bleed.


It’s a sticker design for a glassblower

Open to any and all feedback!

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