Been experimenting with animated posters

Been experimenting with animated posters

This is great and really clever! I really like it!

I agree you need to move the animation up to centre it slightly. I think your line spacing is a little wide, it shows on the top right text, I would suggest trying a 0.5 line spacing, so make it feel a bit tighter. I would also suggest you create more of a hierarchy in your bottom left text, here I would make the hashtags a lighter weight. It would be great if they formed a stronger relationship with the box beside them, that would be some thing to experiment with. Also I feel the spacing between the top box and the text is quite wide, I assume the two rectangles are the same Suze, but the distance between them means that there isn’t a strong enough relationship to have to do that.

There was a little flicker of black on the type, so it could be interesting to experiment with revealing and hiding or fading the text in time with your main animation. So there is a more mystery. I would also suggest holding the completed lettering frame a bit longer, especially if there are more things being revealed, you need to think about how your audience needs to comprehend and absorb the information.

This is very nit picky, but I hope it helps to just tighten up the design. Great work 😊

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