Brecht Vandenbroucke is back and his illustrations are even more twisted

As twisted as it is imaginative, Brecht’s work is inspired by everything. “It always starts from looking around, thinking and asking questions: ‘Who am I in relation to this subject, or how do I feel today, what is my individual perspective?’” After acknowledging his emotional state and the environment in which he stands, he then lets the sketching commence, figuring out exactly what it is that fascinates him or what he thinks is funny. “I don’t really look at other illustrations and comics anymore,” he admits. “I did that more when I was studying and trying to find my own voice.”

This approach can create “some weird self-referential thing” that’s often found within the illustration realm today – where “everything looks a bit the same and incredible personalities are hidden behind acceptable styles.” Tossing this aside, Brecht’s personality unashamedly shines through within his work and he is by no means shy when it comes to putting pencil to paper.

“You can copy visual styles but it’s harder to copy an idea or tell the same story or joke and get away with it,” he continues. There are some reference points that he adheres to, such as film directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Steven Speilberg, and James Cameron. But what’s most important is that he keeps an open mind, making sure that his work never becomes stale. “I am still growing and changing every day, but I am seeing more and more that the greatest and strongest change comes from within, by investigating my own shortcomings instead of finding answers or input from outside,” he says.

Satire filled with parody and metaphors are the winning ingredients to Brecht’s illustrations. Right now, he’s particularly interested in making work about doubt, as well as utilising his process as a means of opening up a dialogue about the reason for our existence. A deep dive into the philosophical meaning of life might give you some answers as to why he does what he does, but for now, we should just have a little laugh.

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