Cyberpunk magazine cover I designed : graphic_design

Cyberpunk magazine cover I designed : graphic_design

An illustrated magazine cover I designed to be part of a set of prints.

Following a two and a half year break from illustration to learn graphic design at college and to feel out what I really wanted to do creatively, this was the first illustration I did for myself. My style will continue to evolve but this is felt like the first step in the right direction.

I went for a cyberpunk design as I’ve found myself gravitating towards punk and grunge aesthetics along with the use of mixed media (illustration, type and photo manipulation in this case) and felt that they meshed well together – I’ve also been a massive fan of the cyberpunk genre ever since seeing Bladerunner as a kid.

I’ve also made the leap from working more traditionally to digitally lately as it can be more environmentally friendly not using up different media all the time, it’s something I’m struggling with a bit as it’s hard to let go of traditional methods but I already had the digital kit so it made sense.

You can see a short illustration process video here (where I accidentally left part out, let me know if you spot it.)

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