Explore five websites displaying photography in luxurious, experimental, and unique ways

Explore five websites displaying photography in luxurious, experimental, and unique ways

Timothée Roussilhe and Ben Mingo: www.davidwilliambaum.com

David William Baum is a fashion, still life and landscape photographer and creative director based in New York, LA and San Fransisco. Considering this, it’s the very fact that his practice is so multifaceted which forms the basis of his website, designed by Ben Mingo, and developed by Timothée Roussilhe. When you land on his portfolio, images form a stack in front of you, before scattering across the page, grouped by style or content, enlarged on hover. When you click into a theme, be it still life, for example, that stack becomes navigable by clicking through in a slideshow style interaction.

On this unique format, Ben tells us: “David’s visual identity provides a simple canvas that highlights the quality of his work. His new website explores contrasts of scale as its primary theme. All the imagery is mixed up, small and unorganised, but as you head deeper into the site, content becomes larger and more structured. Commercial Type’s Styrene, an intentionally awkward sans serif family with wider ‘A’ and narrower ‘B’ versions, adds a clean, geometric quality and provides an anchor for the kinetic imagery.” The result is a website which draws you in through an opulent use of imagery and interactive, prompting a thorough interrogation of David’s work.

Languages used:

“This site is using my own Framework called Plato.js. It is a simple and modern Javascript framework coupled with a static site generator. We used prismic.io for the CMS and Netlify for the deployment. For animations, the homepage is custom-built using HTML5 canvas API. For the rest of the site, we are using GSAP.”

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