How Many Backlinks Should You Build?

It is said that “if you know how much is enough, it’s as good as a feast.”  It’s true when it comes to parties as it is in backlinks and the world of SEO.  So, how many backlinks exactly would it take to propel your website to the top of the Google SERPs? Well, according to Dave King who works for one of the leading SEO companies in Aberdeen, its not as many as you might think, especially in 2019.

The answer to that question, while most SEO experts would argue with me, is indeterminable without being directly involved with the Google search engine.  Some SEO experts would say that once you have more links that your competitor, you would outrank them.  Some SEO experts would counter-argue that a fewer High PR backlinks is enough to overcome the toughest competition.

We don’t really know for sure now do we?  All we can infer are theories from our own experiments and experiences.  The fact is, each SEO result is as subjective to each SEO experts’ experiments and experiences.

I have personally experienced outranking a website with 1000′s of backlinks with only 100′s of article backlinks.  There are also times when I can’t outrank a website with a measly 64 backlinks when I already have 116.

So, how many backlinks is enough?  The only tip I can give you is this.  Just keep building quality backlinks until you outrank your competition.  While doing so, choose backlinks that drive quality traffic so you would have the stamina to go on even if you don’t see immediate results in your rankings.

I know that is not most of you want to hear and you might be looking for a concrete number.  But that is really the nature of SEO, it’s unpredictable as most of us aren’t part of the Google search engine’s secrets.  So just do your part and hopefully Google notices.

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