My design for a fictional book : graphic_design

My design for a fictional book : graphic_design


dankeus_memeus42069 has posted their work for feedback. Here are some top tips for posting high quality feedback.

  • Read their context comment. All work on this sub should have a comment explaining the thinking behind the piece. Read this before posting to understand what dankeus_memeus42069 was trying to do.

  • Be professional. No matter your thoughts on the work, respect the effort put into making it and be polite when posting.

  • Be constructive and detailed. Short, vague comments are unhelpful. Instead of just leaving your opinion on the piece, explore why you hold that opinion: what makes the piece good or bad? How could it be improved? Are some elements stronger than others?

  • Remember design fundamentals. If your feedback is focussed on basic principles of design such as hierarchy, flow, balance, and proportion, it will be universally useful. And remember that this is graphic design: the piece should communicate a message or solve a problem. How well does it do that?

  • Stay on-topic. We know that design can sometimes be political or controversial, but please keep comments focussed on the design itself, and the strengths/weaknesses thereof.

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