"Rave Poster" designed for my cousins music project : graphic_design

“Rave Poster” designed for my cousins music project : graphic_design


This design was inspired by 90s rave posters and flyers. The inspiration for the animation was from motion graphics I had seen from house and techno producers on instagram. The design was built in illustrator, finished in photoshop and then animated in after effects. This was my second time using after effects, the first time was for a college project 10 years ago, so I’m pretty happy with how it turned out considering I was learning as I went. Figured out some pretty basic illustrator and photoshop functions that I had never used before as well.

Music is a simple loop I had made awhile ago because I was too impatient to wait for my cousin to send me one of his songs. We intend to use that loop on a collab at some point though.

I had designed some logos for my cousins music project, AK (AnguilKeane), and then just did this for fun. When ever he starts performing again, post-covid, I will probably repurpose this for a specific show. The “goth party for ravers” phrase was taken from some inspo, I think its cool in a 90s way but it will be replaced with actual show info.


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