Save 99% off This Treasure Trove of Design Resources

Save 99% off This Treasure Trove of Design Resources

The Creative’s Complete Treasure Trove is a brand new bundle of best-selling design resources currently discounted by 99%, which reduces the regular price of $2717 down to just $29 for a limited time only. This collection contains a variety of sought-after tools, including brushes, fonts, illustrations, textures and more! It also features my own Acrylic Design Toolkit, providing you with a great opportunity to pick it up with a huge discount as part of this deal.

Look at this trove. Treasures untold. How many resources can one bundle hold? (Name the movie!) The Creative’s Complete Treasure Trove includes a vast array of best-selling design resources that were made by the top talent within the creative industry. Whether you’re looking to create a hand-sketched look, realistic painted effect, comic book style or floral composition – this collection has you covered. These popular products are the result of hundreds of hours of painstaking work and have a total combined value of over $2717, but with an unbelievable 99% discount, the whole lot can be yours for just $29, providing countless new ways to make your design work stand out.

Included in the $29 price is full extended licensing, which means you’re perfectly safe to use these items within your commercial design projects. Check out the bundle overview to see every item in detail with a full description, and be sure to grab it before this unbelievable deal expires forever!

Buy The Creative’s Complete Treasure Trove for $29

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