Showcase of Colourful Designs Made With Overprint Effects

Showcase of Colourful Designs Made With Overprint Effects

The overprint effect is a timeless art style that was traditionally created by manually printing two colours over the same area, but it is also commonly replicated in digital art, where the Multiply blending mode in art software can simulate the subtractive colour mix. The effect is often used to create vibrant poster designs with a limited colour palette, with the overprinting effectively producing a third hue within the design. The overprint effect can also be used to create interesting art pieces that blend together two contrasting graphics of images and text. In today’s inspiration showcase I present 30 colourful designs made with overprint effects, including hand made prints using real ink as well as modern artworks that combine colours digitially.

Pickin and Printin by Hatch Show Print

It's Party Time Card by Hatch Show Print

Push Yourself by MEKA

Oh YEAH! by Esther Aarts

Pavement by Lil Tuffy

Hi Res Spread by Ohni John Lisle Lisle

25 ta Life At Studio One, 1995

Eagle Posters by Charles S. Anderson Design Co.

Create or Die by Ryan Frease

High Five by Super Nice Letters

Ampersand by Super Nice Letters

Print Isn't Dead by Jennifer Dionisio

Jack Johnson Poster by Tad Carpenter

AIGA St Louis Conference Poster by Tad Carpenter

Erik Johnson Poster by Hucklebuck Design Studio

Sam's Town by Jenni Leder

Do What Your Love by ConiLab

Spaceman by Steve Bullock

Binary Bitcrunch by Steve Bullock

Dierks Bentley by Benjamin Garner

Drawn to Augusta by Jason Craig

TGIF by Sebastian Abboud

Discover The Classics by George Galbraith

Artcrank by Allan Peters

Type Face by Hatch Show Print

Read More by Doublenaut

Bellwoods Brewery Roman Candle by Doublenaut

Rogers Greater Shows by Hatch Show Prints

Contemporary (non)sense by Studio Another Day

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