The Goldblum Variations is a book of stories, musings and puzzles about Jeff Goldblum

The Goldblum Variations is a book of stories, musings and puzzles about Jeff Goldblum

Actor, musician and brilliantly unconventional human Jeff Goldblum is subject of a new book published today by 404 Ink and Penguin US, by author and super fan Helen McClory. What started out as a collection of flash fiction, stories and games starring the actor and musicians has snowballed beyond expectation, though perhaps unsurprisingly given Goldblum’s unique cultural permeation and universally kooky appeal. It also had some help along the way from the man himself, who last year read excerpts of the book on stage.

The book follows Goldblum, and alternate versions of Goldblum, as he travels through the known and unknown universe on various fictional adventures. Rather than dodging dinosaurs, fighting aliens or ruling as Grandmaster of Sakaar, in Goldblum Variations he’s cooking a delicious dinner while posing like Michelangelo’s David, wearing a bespoke tiger suit or going on a treasure hunt. It’s ridiculous, and therefore so very Goldblum. In a release about the book, 404 Ink comments that it ties in with upcoming Goldblum news: a new album, his return to the Jurassic Park franchise, and “general joy about his existence”.

Scottish author Helen McClory has a PhD in creative writing and previously published On the Edges of Vision, which won the Saltire First Book of the Year. In her bio she cites her interests as “cooking and absurdism”.

This latest run of the 96-page book has two different cover illustrations, which for the UK edition is created by Jem Milton.

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