Yes You Should Build Your EMail List

No matter what product you are marketing on the internet, your own opt-in email lists are a crucial part of the success equation. You have probably heard this before, but did you take action?

Your opt-in list is the vehicle you will use to contact potential customers and build a relationship with them. You promise useful and valuable information in exchange for their email address.

Once you successfully deliver on this promise, they will begin to trust you.If you over deliver by providing even more than was expected, they will not only trust you, they will begin to like you. This sets the stage for the all important conversion from prospect to customer.

This process takes time and patience. It is the stumbling block that almost derailed my internet marketing dreams.

Thank goodness, the guys over at Azzuro Blu told me how to speed up my list building.

There are many list building programs on the internet. Some are free, some cost more than others, and some just don’t work. Here are a couple of quick tips to help you choose.If you need a commercial size inbox, you will read very few, if any, of the thousands of emails you receive. The recipients of your email, will probably respond in the same manner. Make sure you will receive a manageable number of emails each day.If you can only mail those you bring into the program, it is unlikely they will read or respond to the same offers from you for very long.

Look for a list building program with a rotating pool of recipients.Find a list building program that is focused on growth. Does the owner provide incentives for introducing people to the program? More important, are you comfortable recommending it? At the very least, only join programs that offer a free trial.

This will give you an opportunity to evaluate their services before making any financial commitment.Your singular goal in any list builder is to steer every contact to your opt-in page and get them on your list. Everyone on the internet is looking for information to solve a problem. Provide that information in a free report, newsletter or ezine and your prospect will gladly give you their email address in exchange.Never forget that these programs place you in contact with folks interested in your product, but you do not own the list.

Make those prospects yours and prosperity will follow.

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